While Japanese gamers have been playing Samurai Warriors 4, the newest entry in the Dynasty Warriors spin-off series, since March, North American gamers have to wait for Oct.  21 to experience the game’s 17th century hack-and-slash action. Today, publisher Tecmo Koei announced a special collector’s edition that will bring additional content to US PlayStation 4s.

Releasing the same day as the standard edition, the Samurai Warriors 4: Special Anime Pack celebrates the 10th anniversary of Samurai Warriors, and includes the full game along with the anime Samurai Warriors: Legend of the Sanada, as well as the game’s official soundtrack and unspecified DLC. The Japanese release of Samurai Warriors 4 has seen tons of DLC in the form of new costumes, weapon skins, war horses, accessories and battle stages, so Tecmo Koei has plenty of content from which to choose.

It’s been four years since the Samurai Warriors franchise has appeared on American consoles, and Samurai Warriors 4 represent the first entry on new-gen systems. With strong sales and critical success in Japan, Tecmo Koei and developer Omega Force are hoping to see similar success in the West, and to put the Samurai Warriors franchise back on top of the hack-and-slash world.