The Big N is supposedly hoping to acquire Sharp's unorthodox display screens. Could this be for its next handheld or its Quality of Life line?

VG247 reports that the Sharp Corporation is getting close to finalizing a deal with Nintendo to supply the Mushroom Kingdom company with its unique display screens that can be shaped to however the designer prefers. This tech produces an LCD display that forms around a bezel that can be bent freely. An inside source claims that Nintendo wants a hole in the middle of this screen, but we're not sure to what end -- it could be to fit another electronic device inside it, like a smartphone. This would make Nintendo the first company to utilize Sharp's unique screens, but since they're not coming out until early 2016, we've still got a lot of time until anything is officially announced.

We can't wait to see if Nintendo utilizes Sharp's tech for its upcoming Quality of Life line of health-oriented accessories, or if it's for a future game device -- we are getting a little tired of the clamshell design of Nintendo's handhelds that have been implemented for over the past decade.