Cover art for a yet-to-be announced game titled Capcom Arcade Cabinet has been unearthed, leading to speculation a new downloadable game is on the way for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Siliconera discovered the trademark filed by Capcom on Dec. 7 for Capcom Arcade Cabinet, but French gaming site Pockett managed to find some of the game's key art before Capcom was ready to officially announce the game.

Though the various games potentially to be included are a bit tough to discern in the art, there are some obvious and recognizable faces in the crowd. Sir Arthur from Ghosts 'n Goblins is present, as is the hero from the side-scrolling actioner Trojan. There are also robots, planes, kung-fu characters, some muscle cars, and a whole bunch of other classic Capcom family members.

Just what games are going to be included are anyone's guess, but it appears Capcom is all but ready to announce this title soon. Until then, let us know if you can figure out any of the other games potentially included based on the game's art.