A recent tech demo of this Microsoft concept prototype transforms your room into an augmented reality experience filled with unbelievable gameplay interactivity.

The Microsoft Research YouTube account has posted footage of its RoomAlive tech in action, Eurogamer reports. This prototype tech changes any room into an AR game where users can touch, shoot, stomp, dodge and steer the content they see projected along the walls and floor of the room. With five or six machines on the ceiling, including both sensors and projects, RoomAlive picks up your moments similar to the Kinect while projecting game images throughout the room. After a lengthy calibration program, RoomAlive takes into account every shelf and table (sometimes unsuccessfully, it is still a prototype after all) as it shoots interactive game displays all over the place.

RoomAlive is an expanded version of Microsoft's IllumiRoom tech, which originally had the Xbox One's Kinect integrate with a projector in the room. RoomAlive has a program where you shoot robots with a gun, puzzles to play on the walls and a Whack-A-Mole-like game. There was one scene where the player stepped on a trap on the floor, causing it to visibly spring on the wall in front of him.

Microsoft is nowhere close to announcing a price range or launch window for RoomAlive, but stay tuned as we'll continue to provide up-to-date coverage on this impressive technology once the Big M releases more information.