Roller Rally Snake Pass, which hit the iOS App Store in late December and Google Play earlier this month, has just completed the trifecta and is now available on the Amazon App Store. So why haven't we heard much about it?

The game was developed by Milky Tea Play, the digital development arm of the larger Milky Tea Creative Studios, who have done plenty of game and animation work for some big clients. From what we can tell at this point, Roller Rally Snake Pass looks like a polished title from a studio with plenty of 3D animation and illustration skills, somewhat similar to Negative Nimbus from Cloud Kid. And if you can't tell from the name, they are a British company (those Brits love milk in their tea).

The game looks like a fun combination of Sonic the Hedgehog meets Tony Hawk Pro Skater. It's a fast-paced blend of platform racing, star collecting and skateboard moves. Take control of one of four unique characters -- Iko Disco, Olof Blackaxe, Gert Hammerback and Arnie Barnacle -- and steer them through 20 different levels, each with their own set of challenges.

As we said before, you can find this game all over the mobile marketplace now. If you want to check out more, take a look at some screenshots and a trailer below: