Though the current-gen versions of Grand Theft Auto V are hogging the headlines, Rockstar's assured fans it hasn't given up on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of its incredibly popular sequel.

If you have any questions about Grand Theft Auto V and where it's headed, look no further than the Rockstar Newswire, where the team has recently answered a whole slew of them. While not everything that they answered seems to be what its audience wants to hear, Rockstar wants to let people know that, if at all possible, they will be bringing everything they can to previous- as well as current-gen consoles.

There are no promises that the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 will receive everything that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One can, simply because of the differences in what the consoles can handle. While Rockstar can't give its previous-gen console owners a first-person mode, the developer is assuring its fans that they will be getting a Christmas DLC. It's also repeated over and over again that Rockstar will be bringing every update they can to the previous-gen consoles although, at some point, due to technical restraints the updates that they bring to these consoles may peter out.

So far Rockstar has been pretty good about providing free DLC to players, but we're still holding out hope some deeper, story-based content is coming down the line. For now, we'll be content to just keep on waiting for Heists to finally arrive in early 2015.