The house that spawned Grand Theft Auto and Trevor Phillips Industries is going to be working on a next-gen game.

CVG reports that Rockstar Games has been working on an unannounced, next-gen title that is planning to launch by March 2015. Rockstar Games' parent company, Take-Two Interactive, revealed this information earlier this week in a conference call with its investors. Take-Two said that the next-gen game is due to come out sometime within this fiscal year, which began in April 2014 and will end in March 2015. Next to this information, Take-Two has also confirmed that Rockstar has yet to publicly announce that it will be having any presence at this year's E3. Not shocking given that Rockstar never attends the industry convention.

While it's likely that Grand Theft Auto V will get re-released for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and possibly leap to PC, we wonder if this unannounced title is something else entirely. Whether it is a new entry in the Red Dead or Manhunt series, or a new IP entirely, we expect the highest level of quality from Rockstar Games.