Fans are loving Nintendo's Rhythm Heaven series, so it's only right that it returns for an encore.

Nintendo has decided to open the dance club one more time for the Rhythm Heaven series. Although Polygon reports that this new game will incorporate many of the series' older levels, there will still be a total of 30 new mini-games which fans can enjoy. In total, there will be 100 mini-games you will have to dance your way through using only a stylus and your sense of, ahem, rhythm.

It seems that there hasn't been much of a discussion about where the game will be released other than Japan. During the Nintendo Direct Japan conference, it made no mention of whether the game will come out for the rest of the world or not, but since its predecessors did there's a good chance it will as well. At the same time, it wasn't included in the Western Nintendo Direct presentation.

Those residing in Japan will be able to get their hands on this new, rhythm-based game in the summer for the 3DS and New 3DS.