Resident Evil: Revelations is cruising its way onto consoles very soon, bringing all of the blockbuster action that was on the 3DS to Wii U, Xbox 360, PC, and PlayStation 3. Let's see what it'll look like on some substantially bigger screens.

The screenshots below show all of the horror that takes place on the Queen Zenobia, the derelict ship that Jill and her partner Parker Luciani explore. They're there to find Chris Redfield and find out what happened to the ship to make it so ... grimy.

There are Bio-Organic Weapons floating around the ship's many corridors, rooms, and cargo holds. And in keeping with Resident Evil tradition, if you see a long, narrow hallway, you best believe that something's going to pop out to give your heart rate a bit of a spike.

While the graphics in the 3DS version were amazing, the textures in the console ports are absolutely gorgeous, in their own gory sort of way.

You can also watch a trailer below featuring Hunk, trucking B.O.W.s in Raid mode in the way that only someone nicknamed "Mr. Death" can.

Look out for the console versions of this great game when they hit store shelves on May 21st, 2013.