Resident Evil: Revelations is set to infect our consoles later this month, so the Resident Evil Revelations Developer Diary has seen fit to unleashed a new episode that focuses on the importance of infection and repulsion in the Resident Evil series.

Directory Kazuhisa Inoue talks about the importance of viruses as a theme in Resident Evil, saying that they're sort of an invisible enemy that exists in our day-to-day life and can strike us at any time, making them unbelievably scary. When viruses, like the series' infamous T-virus, infects someone, they become frightening because they turn into a different creature that's a stark change from what we've gotten used to seeing.

This contrast also serves the series because it adds a level of repulsion that shocks players. The effects of the virus are shown in full force through these horrific mutations and add to the horror, since they serve as example of what might happen if such a virus were widespread.

And now that video game technology has gotten better, graphics look more photorealistic and character models can look even more repulsive. We guess that's a win for gamers? Watch the video below and come up with your own conclusions, then share your findings with us in the comments section.

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