A new multiplayer mode is coming to Resident Evil 6 in March and is set to get players running around frantically, trying to either eliminate a BSAA rookie or keep them alive. 

The new Siege mode will be coming soon. It will feature two-to-six players and set them in a level with an AI-controlled BSAA rookie who needs to be helped. The players will be split into two teams and will either be enemy B.O.W.s or characters from the campaign. As you can imagine, the game ends when the B.O.W.s take out the rookie or if the human characters can keep the sucker alive until the clock runs down. Either way, teams will switch roles after every round, making sure that everyone gets their turn as a hero or a villain.

You'll find powerful weapons and pick-ups as human characters, some of which can help by reducing the time left in the match. As the enemy creatures, you can unleash a swarm of B.O.W.s as reinforcements to try and overrun the human team. After watching the trailer, we're convinced that it's probably more fun to play as the B.O.W. team, with all of the crazy attacks and creatures to be released, but that's just our opinion.

Watch the mayhem below and check out all of the screenshots. This madness will come to you sometime in March and will cost players 320 Microsoft Points on Xbox 360 or $3,99 on the PlayStation 3.

Let us know whether you'd rather play as the enemy team or as humans!