Resident Evil 6 is getting Xbox 360-exclusive downloadable content today that's centered on multiplayer.

A post on Destructoid heralds in the newly-available DLC for Resident Evil 6. Three brand spankin' new multiplayer modes should reanimate players' interest in the game, at least for Xbox 360 owners. These add-ons will cost 320 Microsoft Points ($4.00), per mode, or 720 Microsoft Points ($9.00), for all three.

The new modes are Predator, Survivors, and Onslaught. In Predator, six players take turns as the Ustanak, the behemoth bio-organic weapon with a hand that you'd never want to fist-bump, with the goal to hunt down the other five. The humans must avoid being turned into a smear on the ground and gain points by attacking the Ustanak.

Survivors is for two to six players and is described as a "take on the classic solo and team based deathmatch mode," in which players turn into an enemy character once they've been eliminated. If defeated players manage to take out another living player, they'll return to their previous human form. Because it's not enough that you should win, but others must fail.

Onslaught puts a spin on surviving horde modes by having two players taking out their own waves of enemies. Combos can be chained and a successful chain will send enemies over to your opponent. Pick your opponents wisely, because chances are that your friends will end up hating you.

Let us know in the comments below if you're excited to play these new modes. Or if you're rocking the game on the PS3, let us know how you feel about the content being exclusive to the Xbox 360.