Capcom's Remember Me gets a new trailer today, showing off some of the gameplay.

The trailer is a mix of CG scenes with a bit of story (but mostly a lot of walking), and gameplay featuring Nilin's combat abilities. Looks like she's a master of flipping around with acrobatic grace and a penchant for kicking dudes.

The romp through the St. Michel district of Neo Paris gives us a look at some of the beautifully-rendered environments. Despite the lack of crowds on the streets, this looks like a very real city that's been lived in and is somewhat reminiscent of Star Wars' Coruscant.

After a few tussles with random henchmen, Nilin gets into a televised boss fight with a comically large man named Kid Xmas. He spouts off something about her, "still choosing the losing side," after a number of years, which we guess means they're from each others' pasts. Regardless of what kind of history they have, she gives him an acrobatic beatdown and stomps on the camera to cement her victory, saying, "The name is Nilin. This time, you'll remember me."

Yeah, we'll remember you alright, Nilin. And you guys should remember that the game is set to come out in May 2013! Let us know your thoughts on the trailer in the comments section below.