You will soon be able to read the weirdest stories on the Internet and watch shows subconsciously promoting teenage pregnancy straight from your Xbox One.

Major Nelson has announced on the Xbox Wire that ReddX and MTV are on the way to the Xbox One, releasing later this week. ReddX brings Reddit to the Xbox One and your home TV screen. You can check your favorite forums while Snapping boards and comments to the side of your TV as you're doing something else on the main screen. ReddX lets Xbox Live members follow their favorite subreddit, including every video, GIF and image posted. You can also control it via the Xbox One SmartGlass app, controller or media remote.

Xbox One's MTV app will let you watch sneak peeks, bonus features and full episodes of your favorite MTV series, as long as you have a TV subscription with your cable provider. There's actual music videos on it too. That's right -- MUSIC on MTV. If only they'd bring back 'Aeon Flux' and 'The Maxx,' MTV would actually be watchable.

Both ReddX and MTV will be downloadable on the morning of Aug. 20.