Rayman Legends was pushed back to a release date sometime in September. But, what have the developers done with all that extra time? Frankly, quite a lot.

When a game is delayed, it usually means that the developer has hit some snags and what they had planned is taking much longer than expected. They are usually rushing to tie up loose ends as best they can before rushing the title out of the door. But, occasionally that isn't the case.

Evidently the two delays of Rayman Legends has allowed Ubisoft Montpellier to add a staggering 30 levels to the game along with some more boss fights. That should be good news for fans of the game. It isn't often that a delayed game ends up getting a lot more content, and hopefully Rayman Legends will be better for it.

Rayman Legends is going for a simultaneous release on PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii U sometime in September.