Microsoft Careers has recently posted numerous job openings at Rare for an as of yet untitled Kinect project. The descriptions of the positions being offered point toward this project possibly being made for whatever next generation console Microsoft has in store for us.

The positions being offered include a technical engineer, a region design manager, and a physics engineer. The want ads hype up the project quite well saying that it’s a, “jaw-dropping, never-been-done-before Rare project.” The positions are also looking for someone with experience in motion based gaming, especially Kinect technology, and experience with cloud based services. The physics engineer in specific will need to, “efficiently fulfill the evolving needs of physics based gameplay and animation.”

There are a lot of things this mystery project can be. Many believe that it might be some sort of sequel to Kinect Sports on the next-generation Xbox. Others believe that it will be the next generation Xbox’s “tech demo” game, much like Nintendoland was with the Wii U. All of this is based on the call for someone with experience in physics and motion based gameplay.

However, the focus on cloud based services may point toward something more social. Microsoft debuted Smart Glass technology last year at E3, but unfortunately, this integration with cell phones and tablets hasn’t brought us much. Perhaps they are saving their huge reveals for this year’s E3.

All of this is just speculation at this point. Rare and Microsoft have not officially announced any next generation project. Also, these positions may be scattered around multiple projects instead of just one. Still, we do know that Rare is cooking up something in the near future. Now we just have to figure out what it might be.