Raiden, the shmup classic, is going to grace iOS and Android devices in the beginning of December, packing in four full-sized experiences in one app. With only two weeks left in November, it'll be here faster than you can say, "Vulcan cannon"!

DotEmu, the fine folks who brought us excellent ports like Metal Slug 3 and Blazing Star, are giving us four games with this release. Besides the original Raiden, Legacy will also include Raiden Fighters, Raiden Fighters 2, and Raiden Fighters Jet. That's more Raidens than you'll find in a Mortal Kombat anthology! Alright, maybe not. But it's still a good amount.

For those unfamiliar with the series, the Raiden games are vertical shooters, also known as shmups (shoot 'em ups). Players take control of a fighter jet and work their way through a smorgasbord of enemies, collecting weapon power-ups and multipliers along the way. The stages feature scrolling action, so players automatically advance forward, but can maneuver their craft around the screen to avoid enemy fire. The further you get, the more difficult the stages become until the entire screen is just blanketed in bullets.

Watch the App Store for the December 4 release and check out the trailer below to see the bullets fly!