Despite the closing down of Xbox Entertainment Studios, Microsoft claims production on Quantum Break's tie-in TV series will not be effected.

Even though Xbox Entertainment Studios was the part of Microsoft focused on creating original TV series for Xbox systems, Microsoft has told Polygon that development on Quantum Break's tie-in show is unhindered by the studios' closing. Quantum Break is the newest title by Remedy Entertainment, of Max Payne and Alan Wake fame. Break is unique because of its integration and crossover capabilities of its video game to its accompanying live action television show.

Quantum Break "will be released next year and the game and show both remain on track," a Microsoft spokesperson said. "The news of Xbox Entertainment Studios has not impacted our progress and we're excited to share more more details of Quantum Break at Gamescom in August."

Microsoft recently announced the plans to close Xbox Entertainment Studios and the laying off of 18,000 employees. Ridley Scott's episodic Halo: Nightfall and Steven Spielberg's Halo TV series will also be unphased by the the studios' closing.

Quantum Break is slated for a 2015 release exclusively on Xbox One. Its live action tie-in show is expected to debut around the same time as the game's launch.