Remedy Entertainment's Gamescom 2014 demo of Quantum Break shows off some amazing takes on bullet time by drastically changing the fundamentals of third-person shooters.

Sam Lake, a creative director at Remedy Entertainment, introduced this gameplay demo of Quantum Break. The Gamescom fans in attendance were left bewildered as Quantum's character altered time in many ways that Max Payne enthusiasts never would have dreamed to do in a video game. Quantum Break features three main characters, each with the ability to manipulate time through an experiment gone wrong.

This video focuses on Jack Joyce using his ability to slowdown the world around him and flank his enemies as fast as Quicksilver would. He is also able to make time nearly stop in a specific area, such as right around an entire enemy, forcing time to completely stop for the person inside the temporal bubble you created. You could also imagine to do this to a grenade on the ground -- giving you enough time to properly escape. While that enemy is temporarily out of the picture, you are free to fill him up with bullets at normal speed.

You can also slow time and quicken it at the right moment to do an epic Superman punch that your enemy never saw coming -- Roman Reigns would be proud. Jack will also be able to do a move that will stop time for everything around him in the area, which freezes everything place. Unfortunately, some of your enemies are equipped with gear that gets past your temporal powers, and will fight you at normal speed in comparison to the surrounding frozen area.

Quantum Break is coming out in 2015 exclusively on Xbox One. There will also be a special tie-in, episodic series for Xbox users to check out that will likely launch sometime around Quantum Break's release date.