The PlayStation 4 will have the ability to let your friends on the PSN take over for you and play your game online, but only for a maximum of one hour each time.

According to Gamespot, the PlayStation 4's upcoming Share Play feature will let you share your game with another friend online to play for you up to 60 minutes per session. Fortunately, there is no limit on how many times you can keep using this feature, which means you can simply restart the Share Play feature and let your friend keep playing.

Share Play will let PlayStation Plus subscribers share their games online with their friends, who can take over and play the person's game for them, or play local multiplayer as if they had two controllers hooked up to the same system. Unfortunately, when sharing a game with a friend online, you will not be able to access your system while someone is remotely playing on it, which means that when you return, the other person will be kicked off of the game (your screen will be streamed to the person's system until you take back control).

Share Play, YouTube uploads and locating PSN users by their real name, will all be included in the PlayStation 4's 2.0 update coming this fall.