The PlayStation 4 is getting its next big system update which will finally allow the use of enhanced 7.1 surround sound headsets.

According to the PlayStation Blog, System update 1.60 (due this week) will bring about the highly anticipated support of 7.1 surround sound headsets, and it also coincides with the release of Sony's Gold wireless stereo headsets. Sure, bulky Beats-style headphones can look ridiculous when people wear them out in public, but these massive beasts are absolutely essential for those looking for quality and realism when it comes to playing in silence.

Sony's Gold Wireless Headset should be hitting store shelves early this month, offering many of the same features that the PULSE set did for the PS3, including 7.1 virtual surround sound, a hidden noise-cancelling mic and custom audio modes made by the developers for specific PlayStation 4 games. For example, Sucker Punch, Infamous: Second Son's developer, is adding an exclusive game mode specially tuned for maximizing the headphone's performance in terms of its specific EQ settings and distinct levels for its sound attributes.

The Gold headset can plug into both a PS4 and PS3 for eight hours via the wireless adaptor. A headset is also included for use with the PS Vita or any other mobile device featuring a 3.5mm audio jack (which is pretty much everything). It's foldable, portable and comes with a travel pouch so you can use it anywhere. The Gold wireless headset is due very soon and will sell at the retail price of $99.99, which is nowhere as pricey as most other high-end gaming headsets.