With Batman: Arkham Knight shaping up to be the most intense game in the series, the only real question for gamers is which version to take home on release day. Sony has given wannabe-Gothamites a great reason to play as the Dark Knight Detective on its console, the PlayStation 4, with exclusive Scarecrow content.

Along with a gameplay trailer and brief synopsis of the game’s plot, the PlayStation website’s pre-order page for Arkham Knight reveals that PS4 owners will have access to exclusive content that involving one of the series’ most memorable villains, the Scarecrow. Using his trademark fear gas, Scarecrow will set the stage for all versions of the game by forcing the evacuation of all law-abiding Gotham City residents, leaving only police, criminals and the Batman. The PS4 version, though, also brings the Batman: Arkham Knight Scarecrow Nightmare Pack, tasking Batman with defeating a gigantic version of Scarecrow and his army of the undead as they terrorize the city.

Some off the best moments in the Batman: Arkham series have come while dealing with Dr. Jonathan Crane's disturbing alter-ego, so we’re expecting big things from this exclusive Scarecrow content. WB Games and Rocksteady have yet to announce any exclusive content for the Xbox One or PC versions of the game, but with the release date set for next year we’ll be surprised if an announcement doesn’t materialize in the coming months.