Free, 30-day trials of Amazon Prime and Music Unlimited along with a chance for a PlayStation Now Private Beta invite are just some of bonuses you can get for watching Sony's E3 presentation from your PS4.

The PlayStation Blog has just announced that the PS4's E3 2014 app is now available for download and will offer various incentives to keep you watching. The app will let you stream Sony's E3 press conference live from Los Angeles, CA. The day after the broadcast, the app will also provide a multitude of trailers, developer interviews and screenshots for many of the games being demoed at Sony's booth on the E3 showroom floor.

There will be a variety of incentives you can unlock by using the PS4 app and simply watching Sony's E3 footage. In particular, you are able to get some excellent freebies, which includes 30-day trials to Amazon Prime and Music Unlimited. What we are most excited for are the 6,000 Private Beta invites Sony will be giving each day for the PlayStation Now service. While 6,000 invites a day doesn't seem like much for E3's duration, the app and its incentives will all be offered from June 10 through June 24. That means that there are 84,000 PlayStation Now Private Beta invites Sony will be giving out to its E3 2014 app users.

Sony's E3 2014 app is available now on the PSN exclusively for PlayStation 4. Make sure you have the app tuned-in on June 9 at 5:45PM PDT/8:45PM EST for the live stream of Sony's E3 presentation.