Sony has revealed all sorts of juicy deets about its virtual reality headset, Project Morpheus, including its launch window and specs.

Sony is showing off its upcoming virtual reality headset, Project Morpheus, at this week's Game Developers Conference. Now, Sony has another big announcement — Project Morpheus' tentative launch window. Kotaku reports that Sony is wasting no time in the marketing department; it is already hyping up Project Morpheus, saying how much better it is than the version that was on display last year. Sony revealed that Project Morpheus will have an OLED display that will put forth 1920x1080 resolution with options of 60fps and 120fps, all within a 5.7 inch display. The virtual reality headset will have 360-degree tracking and low latency.

The headset model designers seem to also have a lot of ease of access built into them. Not only can you wear glasses with them, which is something that you can't do with many of the other virtual reality headsets (*cough* Oculus Rift *cough*), you can also move them away from your face easily. Both of these things are just tiny additions that will make the headset more comfortable and give you less distractions to the VR experience. Need to take a drink, but don't have time to completely take the headset off? Simply flip it up.

While there are no price points set yet for the headset, Sony has revealed that Project Morpheus will start shipping in the first half of 2016. Until then, we'll be looking out for more news on Sony's PlayStation 4-based VR headset.

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