The PlayStation 4 version of Project CARS will work with one of the most anticipated gaming peripherals ever made.

Thanks to WMD Portal, we now know that Project CARS will be supporting the PlayStation 4's Project Morpheus VR headset. Slightly Mad Studios has announced that they are working hard with the team behind Project Morpheus in order to provide a virtual reality experience in racing that we have never seen before. Focuses in development include distance perception, promoting a progressing sense of speed, stereoscopic vision and detailing the first-person cockpit/helmet perspectives in order to promote a top tier level of integration with Sony's upcoming VR headset. Project Morpheus will also work in tandem with the PlayStation Camera in order to fully track your head's movements as you play in order to adequately recreate the driving experience in terms of looking into mirrors and small details.

Project CARS will be available for Xbox One, PC, Wii U and PlayStation in November 2014. Unfortunately, there has yet to be any sort of launch window announced for Project Morpheus. It is likely that we might not see Project Morpheus until 2015, where, presumably, it would be compatible with Project CARS shortly after its launch.