50 Ways to Survive is the first game from developer Mass Threat and they've partnered up with the band Train to bring you this exciting new platformer.

This new iOS game was inspired by the lyrics and video for Train's platinum hit single, "50 Ways to Say Goodbye" from the album California 37. The game's inspiration come from the song's lyrics and video, where a guy mentions to his buddies that instead of being dumped by his girlfriend, she actually died in strange and bizarre ways.

Though it isn't a Train game per se, but Train was involved in every step of the game's development. Fans of the band will recognize some of the game's inside jokes.

50 Ways to Survive is the story of Pat, who has to save his girlfriend from the evil Grimmy and his minions. There are three chapters, each with 12 levels. More content will come in future updates. The controls are simple -- the left part of the screen is used to move your character, while tapping on the right portion of the screen makes him jump.

In each level you'll collect crowns, which can be used to powerups that will help you in your quest. Powerups include a Crown Magnet, Invincibility,spare key to access hidden areas, extra health, level warps and crown doublers. You can also purchase crowns separately.

Each level requires timing and skill to advance to the next stage. On the 12th stage, you'll encounter a boss that you must try and defeat. You can choose between four different characters - Pat, Jimmy, Scott (members of the band), and Virginia. Gaby and Grimmy are two unlockable characters.

A portion of the proceeds from 50 Ways to Survive will go to support Train's charity of choice called Family House, Inc., a non-profit organization proving temporary housing to families of seriously ill children.

50 Ways to Survive will be available for Android and iOS on June 25. Check out the game's trailer and some exclusive screenshots from the game below.