You've heard about the new maps coming to Call of Duty: Ghosts in the Onslaught pack, but you're probably wondering just what these new stages will look like up close. Well wonder no more, as we've got some nice new screenshots to give you a taste of what awaits.

Four new multiplayer maps will be added to the fold when Onslaught arrives on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One on Jan. 28. Fog is an homage to classic horror films, which includes a special Easter egg: the ability to play as Michael Myers from 'Halloween.' If you happen to activate this feature, the music changes to the infamous theme from the film, and you become a seemingly unstoppable killing machine. Bayview takes place on a California boardwalk, complete with shops and an aquarium. There's also a Naval ship docked close by, where you could potentially set up shop to rain down artillery on opponents.

Containment transports players to a Mexican riverbed where they'll contest each other over control in the local town. In the center, a hijacked truck containing radioactive materials, but you'll be able to keep your distance on the rooftops of nearby businesses and banks if you choose. Finally, there's Ignition, which takes place at an abandoned Florida shuttle launch complex. There are two different rocket test sites players can activate to send flaming corpses everywhere, and a failed launch can alter the course of the map dramatically.

The map pack also includes the first chapter of Extinction's new story. Nightfall introduces two new characters, aliens and weapons into the fold. Taking place in an abandoned Alaskan facility, players will have to work together to overcome the giant monster waiting for them at mission's end. Subsequent chapters will be included in later map packs.

You can check out images of the maps below. If you got the season pass, this content will be free, however, you can pick up individual map packs for $14.99 each. No word yet on when the PC, PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 will get Onslaught.