Xbox One’s entry in the surprisingly competitive world of cartoonish golf games, Powerstar Golf, has gone free to play…sort of.

As first reported by Eurogamer, the stylized launch title has dropped its $19.99 price tag and allowed players to download it for free. Unfortunately, the free download now contains only a small selection of holes from each course. To play the full game, players will need to download DLC packs. The content originally found in the full version of Powerstar Golf has been split up into four packs; City Park, Emperor's Garden, Burning Sands and Rocky Ridge. Each of these is priced at $5.99, bringing the total cost to $23.96. Players can, however, purchase all the DLC packs in one bundle for the original price of $19.99, including a new exclusive, free pack called Coyote Canyon.

Powerstar Golf is a fun enough golf game, but it has failed to make a huge splash as a launch title on a console that’s hungry for content. Opening up the game to more players could generate more interest in Powerstar and lead to a slew of DLC purchases that make the game more profitable. Calling it a “free-to-play” game, however, is slightly misleading; It’s now essentially a demo with the option to buy a full version.