A recent listing on everyone's favorite online retailer has clued us in on DriveClub's release date.

According to its recent Amazon posting, DriveClub is now slated for a release date of Sept. 30. Originally intended to be a PlayStation 4 launch title, DriveClub was delayed for unexplained reasons. We mainly thought it was due to Evolution Studios trying to perfect DriveClub's group/crew aspects and to help it exist as a massively multiplayer online racer.

On the other hand, the delayed release of DriveClub could correlate to the rumor that DriveClub is going to work with Sony's alleged virtual reality headset in order to display a full, VR representation of the inside of the car the player is driving (along with various other theorized functions). Sony might have delayed DriveClub's release so it could be one of the first PlayStation 4 exclusives to work with its rumored VR device.

No word on if DriveClub is still slated to be offered for free to PlayStation Plus subscribers, but we've got our fingers crossed.