It's been pretty big news that someone was messing with Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network over the holiday weekend. Now, Sony is looking to assuage the hysteria by extending its flash sale.

One of the most exciting things for gamers over the holiday season are all the sales that are going on throughout the internet. Not only are there Steam sales to look forward to, but there are also Xbox and PlayStation sales. However, with numerous attacks on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network over the weekend, players were starting to lose out on the deals that they had waited all year for. Now, Sony has come forward on PlayStation Blog to announce that it will be extending its flash sales in order to give players back the time that was lost due to the attacks.

You can catch some pretty awesome games in these sales such as Dragon Age: Inquisition, NBA 2K15, Destiny, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, FIFA 15 and Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor along with various movies and TV shows. You can check out the complete list on its blog and peruse the sale until tomorrow, Dec. 31 at 12PM Pacific.