Recent financial reports indicate that Sony's gaming consoles have outsold Microsoft's by three-to-one for the first quarter of the year. Actually, it's even more harsh than that.

According to Games Industry, Sony's latest financial reports indicate that it has sold 3.5 million PlayStation units (both PS3 and PS4 combined) during the first quarter of the year, when it only sold 1.1 million PS3 consoles during Q1 of 2013. Comparing this information to Microsoft's financial reports, the combined shipping figures for Xbox 360 and Xbox One only sit at 1.1 million. Mind you, Xbox only shipped 1.1 consoles -- this does not indicate how many were actually sold and how many were Xbox Ones.

This suggests that PlayStation is winning both the current-gen and next-gen console war, by a lot. Many people were unable to get a PS4 due to limited quantities throughout retail chains in North America during the first six months of the console's release. Selling 3.5 million PlayStation consoles during the first three months of the year (when they were still hard to come by) means that this number is likely to remain steady or even increase as people are finally being able to find them on store shelves. Mind you, the PS3 was declining in hardware and software sales prior to the PS4's release.

With 3.5 million PlayStations sold compared to 1.1 million Xboxes shipped, it's safe to say that Sony is currently winning the console war. Somewhere out in the world, a lone plumber named Mario is in dire need of a cigarette.