Although we haven't actually seen the box yet, Sony finally revealed some of the specs on the new Playstation 4. It looks to have some pretty nice tech behind those shiny new graphics.

For those of you concerned with hardware specs, the PS4 will feature 64-bit x86 architecture with 8 cores full of power to render your favorite games. It was also revealed that the PlayStation Shading language would be comparable or better than Direct X 11.0 or  Open GL 4.0.

Enough of the tech specs though, we're curious about the console's more intriguing and sociable features. When you pop a game into the console, the interface will show you comments from other gamers as well as options for DLC. It will let you know about game specific DLC more easily and what your friends are playing if they're online already.

The 100 friend limit from the PS3 has been raised and you will have the ability to link your Facebook and PSN account. Also, you'll have the option to show your full name in games rather than just the gamer tag. Hopefully using real names will dissuade more of the obnoxious gamers from their usual antics.

The new PlayStation Eye will have two cameras and be able to sense the depth distance between the controller and the TV. This will allow developers to add some unique, depth based features to their games.

Speaking of the controller, the color of the light on top will determine the player number. 1,2,3,4 players will be blue, red green, pink respectively. The other curious part of the controller is the 1920 x 900 clickable touchscreen. At least you wont have to worry about accidentally making selections if your thumb grazes over it. Also, in order to take a screenshot, you'll have to press and hold the share button. We'll have to see how it works, but it sounds like you may miss that decisive moment if you have to hold a button down.

The controller will also feature digital buttons rather than the touch sensitive analog buttons that we've become so used to. This might make things a bit difficult for some racing game players who rely on the sensitive buttons to manipulate the throttle. But, Sony said that very few developers were taking advantage of the pressure sensitive controls, so they got the axe.

So far, it seems like we're in for a very different experience on the PS4. We'll have to wait and see when it finally comes out. What do you think about Sony's new console?