While the PlayStation 4 is clearly winning the early battles of the console war in North America and Europe, Sony’s new console is apparently failing to make an impact in Japan.

Japanese gaming magazine Enterbrain has issued a report (spotted by Eurogamer) on Japanese game sales, and found that revenue remained virtually unchanged from the first half of 2013 to the same time period this year, despite the launch of the PS4 in February. 2013’s first half total was ¥1722.6M ($16.92M) compared to 2014’s first half, totaling ¥1720.2M ($16.94M).

Media Create, a Japanese gaming analyst group, reports that from Aug. 23 to Aug. 29, just over 8,000 PS4s were sold in Japan, only 500 more than the PS3. By comparison, the Wii U moved over 10,600 units while the 3DS and Vita both moved over 21,000 units. The Xbox One, essentially ignored in Japan, sold just over 200 units.

According to Eurogamer, around 620,000 PS4s have been sold in Japan to date. That number is dwarfed by the Wii U’s 1.8 million units, the Vita’s 2.8 million and the 3DS’ staggering 15.7 million units. Xbox One sales were not listed.

Given Japan’s historic loyalty to Sony’s products, the slow sales of the PS4 in its home country is very surprising. In the West, the PS4 is doing very well, outselling the Wii U by more than 2-to-1, and leading all console sales, even edging out the 3DS. Japan’s ambivalence towards the Xbox One is expected, but their unwillingness to commit to the PS4 makes one wonder if console gaming in general is on the decline in the Land of the Rising Sun.