The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are pretty awesome hardware on their own, but together, they're just about ten times more awesome.

Eddie Zarick is definitely a creative individual who has years of experience messing around with top consoles. Now, The Verge reports, Zarick has done it again, this time with his "Playbox."

The Playbox is basically a laptop with both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 console systems within it. The fused console also comes with a 22" 1080p display so that you won't be lacking in HD goodness. And this isn't Zarick's first project -- he has made other similar products, but only ever with one console in them (unless we count his Xboox Duo where he incorporated the Xbox 360 and Xbox One).

The point is to not only give the users the freedom of portability with this new series (the only cord you need is a power cord), but also to basically just put out an awesome product. The Playbox allows users to have both consoles in a pretty compact area. The only downside? Due to concerns with overheating, you can only have one system on at a time. While Zarick doesn't have this specific model on the market (yet), he does sell his Xbook Ones and Playbook 4s for $1,500 and $1,400, respectively.

Maybe if Zarick gets a bigger client base for his Playbox he will consider making them a permanent installment in his tinkering treasury. For now, we'll just have to wait and see.