PlayStation 3 loyalists who believe their console has legs even with a next gen console around the bend should think again. During his interview with IGN, President of Sony's Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida confirmed that every studio that Sony owns are now focused on creating PlayStation 4 titles.

"Is it fair to say that all of the first party studios are working on PS4 games," said Yoshida. "Is it fair or not fair? It is fair to say." With the 12 studios owned by Sony, expect more PlayStation 4 titles to be announced in anticipation of June's Electronic Entertainment Expo. DriveClub from Evolution Studios, Second Son from Guerrilla Games, and Infamous: Second Son from Sucker Punch Productions are among the first party titles percolating under Sony's umbrella.

Last week's PlayStation 4 announcement came with no actual appearance of the console or a tangible release date, so much of its anticipation rests on the recent reveal of its specs, launch games, and the promise of an integrated and powerful console that aims to take gaming to another level.

Since Sony envisions all PlayStation 4 games to be streamed to the PlayStation Vita, the relatively new portable game device should have legs. Prospects for PlayStation 3's longevity, however, are written on the wind.