Remember when Sony announced Project Skylight, a really awesome and overly-secretive way to describe its line of PS4 faceplates? Yeah it's a little hazy for us too, but the PlayStation Blog has finally revealed two more.

The two new faceplates pay homage to both the old and the new in the PlayStation universe. First is the Bloodborne plate (pictured above), a really sleek design taken from the cover art of the game. Those who have been clamoring to take on the dark souls (*cough*) of Bloodborne can now show off that love by adorning the PS4 with this sweet-looking plate.


The second one is a bit more simple in its inspiration, but has a lot more going on. This faceplate sports the familiar face buttons of the PlayStation controller, completely filling the plate with miniature blue symbols. This plate was made for the true Sony connoisseur, the player who's taken up the Sony banner in the Great Console Wars, or maybe it's just for someone who likes cool faceplates that'll stand the test of time. Let's face it: Bloodborne will eventually fade into obscurity, especially if it earns a sequel, but the PlayStation button symbols aren't going anywhere.

Those interested can purchase their own faceplates here, but as of today the button faceplate is already sold out, so the only two available are Bloodborne and LittleBigPlanet 3. Sackboy, anyone?