These videos of AR technology hint at a whole new level of interaction between players and the cameras of their gaming consoles.

Polygon has brought us a pair of videos from the official PlayStation Japan blog that show-off some augmented reality experiments that Sony conducted with the PS4 and its popular camera peripheral. In the first video, a user holds up a white card that the PS4 camera recognizes, scans and displays on the television screen as a virtual cube holding water. The cube itself demonstrates a viscous depiction of fluidity, where the liquid actually rocks back and forth as the user's hand sways. As the user holds up a second white card with his other hand, the screen displays an empty cube. The user was then able to turn the first card sideways, which resulted in him carefully pouring the liquid from the filled cube to the empty one, with the liquid being poured as some spills onto the ground. While the graphics of the cubes and liquid were rather simply, the actual mechanics of what was happening looked wonderful.

The accompanying video depicts the PS4's AR dynamic lighting. As a pixelated, yet realistic, dinosaur is digitally portrayed on the carpet in front of the system, television and camera, the user is shining a flashlight back and forth throughout the room. When the light passed over the virtual dinosaur, the figure was accurately illuminated and shone different aspects of brightness in response to where the moving source of light was coming from and where it was going. The same process was then done with an anime-inspired image of a female.

The results of both of these videos were absolutely groundbreaking compared to current implementations of gaming console camera technology and reflect a unique approach to augmented reality. There is also an AR trading card recognition system being developed as well, similar to the process that the Nintendo 3DS and Xbox One use.