Better start stockpiling AA batteries, you'll soon be able to play classic Game Boy games on your TV with the hdmyboy.

The Netherlands-based duo of Zane Admiralis and Joshua de Haan have started their Kickstarter campaign for the hdmyboy. This device lets you connect your classic Nintendo Game Boy handheld to a TV via HDMI cable and gives you HD quality visuals, some beautiful color palettes and the ability to play with an NES controller. The duo originally got the idea from hacking a Game Boy and playing it on a PC screen. Since it's the 25 year anniversary of the original Game Boy, this is one of the best ways to pay homage. Now if only they were able to let us play the old Game Boy without draining four AA batteries at once...

We most note that the hdmyboy requires you to own an original Game Boy classic -- the Game Boy Color, Pocket, SP, Advance and all the other offspring handhelds will not work with the hdmyboy. This means you better start rooting through your garage and thrift stores to find a 1989 style Game Boy. The hdmyboy will let you have four different color palettes to display, including the original black/green Game Boy colors, black and white, autumn and lollipop palettes. You will have to install the hdmyboy yourself into the handheld (it only takes 10 minutes and they provide the screwdriver). Lastly, it comes with a replica NES controller and a 10-foot-long cable.

As of today, the hdmyboy Kickstarter campaign has nearly reached 25 percent of its main goal with 24 more days to go.

Here is a video demo of the hdmyboy in action: