One of the more surprising announcements during last year's E3, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare has actually been looking really great. We're just as shocked as you are. However, not everything is coming up roses for the cartoony shooter, as its release date has just been bumped.

Originally slated to arrive on Feb. 18 on the Xbox One and Xbox 360, PvZ: Garden Warfare will now arrive on Feb. 25. There was no reason given for the delay, but obviously it wasn't something too major, otherwise we the gap between the original date and this new release day could have been much larger.

Now, even though PopCap announced this slight delay, it did offer up a new developer diary giving us a look at the four-player co-op mode, Garden Ops. In Garden Ops, the Plant team must work together to defend its garden from waves of AI zombie hordes. Every few waves, Dr. Zomboss will spin his slot machine to determine what types of zombies will attack next. These slot waves are known as Boss waves. Players will have to survive 11 waves until Crazy Dave shows up to extract the surviving Plants.

The footage below shows of a lengthy playthrough of a Garden Ops match, and gives us a good look at some of the bigger bads (Giga-Gargantuar and the Yeti), and some of the variant Plants you can earn like the Hot Rod Chomper and Ice Pea. There's a little over a month to go until Garden Warfare arrives, and even though we weren't sold on the concept before, every bit of new footage has gotten us more interested in giving this new spin on Plants vs. Zombies a go.