Captain Olimar and his trusty followers are back in Nintendo's newly released animation, 'Pikmin Short Movies'.

Nintendo has released a trailer Shigeru Miyamoto's 'Pikmin Short Movies' to celebrate the animated films' launch. These three animated shorts depict Captain Olimar and his band of Pikmin in some cheerful and amazing looking adventures. 'The Night Juicer' looks to be our favorite, with Olimar making juice late at night, much to the fright of the Pikmin. 'Occupational Hazards' reminds us just how tiny Olimar and the Pikmin are, and 'Treasures in a Bottle' will be a bit stranger than you expect.

'Pikmin Short Movies' is now available on the Nintendo eShop for the price of $4.99. Buying 'Pikmin Short Movies' on the 3DS' eShop will get you the special 3D version of the movie, while the Wii U version will be in full HD quality.