In a recent interview with Polygon, Shigeru Miyamoto discussed his oversight on the creation of upcoming Pikmin cartoons.

Pikmin is a relatively new series for Nintendo and with the upcoming release of Pikmin 3 for the Wii U, the game's director thought it might be fun to create some animated shorts starring the franchise's characters. If and when they are released, they'll be made available on the 3DS.

Miyamoto told Polygon, "We really just want to take advantage of the Pikmin characters. We have started selling Shaun the Sheep videos, so we're continuing to look at ways to expand the eShop offerings. Nintendo 3DS is great for viewing 3D video content so we wanted to look at ways to expand that offering."

Whether or not the videos will be slated for release, it does raise the question as to whether Nintendo could branch off into other forms of media. Sadly though, no plans have been made to bring other Nintendo franchises into the animated realm. We would love to have a new Legend of Zelda cartoon to cleanse our palette from the previous abomination.