The new head honcho of Xbox has stepped forward to openly acknowledge both the good and the bad about the Xbox One's release, but most importantly, he would like to talk about the future.

Larry Hryb, Xbox Live's Major Nelson, has interviewed Phil Spencer about his new roles and upcoming plans the come with the territory of being the new head of Xbox. In the interview, Nelson points out just how much Spencer has been interacting with fans, gamers and critics on public forums, such as message boards and Twitter. Spencer notes that fan feedback is some of the best ways to judge what the people want, because it is a direct, raw source without any form of middleman distorting or influencing the opinions of the players. Sure, the comments can be a bit brash, but that is sometimes what is needed to get the message across about what the fans want.

Spencer acknowledged to Nelson that there were plenty of bad decisions and wrong steps taken in reference to Xbox One's controversial DRM and digital exclusiveness last year, which led to Microsoft having to hastily revise the Xbox One's designs. The overwhelming difference between the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One's presentations at last year's E3 played a pivotal role in helping the PS4 gain a strong lead in the next-gen console race so far. Spencer says that this year's E3 is a major focus of his leadership and that Xbox One wants to push the importance of quality titles and community that the Xbox One can exclusively provide.

Phil Spencer acknowledged that his company has a responsibility to the Xbox One audience who have contributed a lot of time and money into the Xbox One. Spencer would like to use E3 as the opportunity to remind Xbox One owners that they made the right decision, and to influence fans who are on-the-wall about joining the incentive that they need to join the Xbox One community.