Pet Peaves Monsters is two games for the price of one. Since that price is free, downloading this app for absolutely nothing sounds like a no-brainer. You raise little critters from a larva stage to adulthood and unto a battle ring where only the strong survive. But are there any pet peeves behind this title that should keep you at bay?

Raising peaves is the game's biggest selling point, as these buggers need feeding, nurturing, and strengthening to advance to the next stage of their life. The quickest way to watch them grow from a kid to a mature peave is to feed them insects. Depending on the type of peave in your box, some of them may have an aversion to a type of food, but since potato bugs, ants, and house flies are all available for purchase in the store, pleasing the peave is not hard at all.

Peaves also love to catch balls and, when they are babies, waving a few toys in their face should keep them alert and happy. My favorite stage is the teen years, as you can start purchase different mix tapes to give your monsters a sense of rhythm and style. Although my peave is not exactly a looker, he should wow the ladies with playlists even a hipster would love.

Once they hit adulthood, the battles with other peaves commence. To send your monster off to fight, just shake the box by rapidly moving a finger from left to right on your device. Now whipped into a frenzy, the peave is ready to take out three other competitors and win gold coins in the process. Purchasing special mushrooms will give your combatant extra powers to take into the conflict, and going into a skirmish without any kind of boost is not advisable. To level up quicker you must win several battles, and mushrooms are integral to securing the victory.

Leveling up leads to the opening up of more boxes, which in turn gives you the chance to raise an entirely different species of peave. Your monster's appearance and varying skill set immediately begins from the larva stage, so getting the chance to create more creatures from different boxes is a huge plus. Although the actual fights, which require you to just tap on your opponents during the battle, is far from thrilling, watching my purple creeper buy his first set of eyeballs was worth the wait.

I really enjoy raising peaves, especially since the game's playful and humurous take on raising monsters easily put me in a better mood. A more intriguing combat system would have been welcome, and it almost feels like an afterthought compared to the addicting pleasure of watching these critters grow.

It's also a breath of fresh air to know that a free download can give us tons of game play without slapping us with immediate in-app purchases. Pet Peaves Monsters is a highly recommended download, especially if your app filled existence yearns for those Tamagotchi days. As long as you're willing to think outside the box and eat a few mushrooms along the way, the trip should be nothing short of fantastic.


App Store Link: Pet Peaves Monsters for iPhone & iPad | By RED Interactive Agency | Price: Free | Version: 1.1.7 | 44.4 MB | Rating: 4+

7.5 out of 10 arcade sushi rating