The good folks at Guerrilla Games have recently unveiled the first pair of multiplayer maps which will be soon hitting Killzone: Shadow Fall. These two maps will recreate pivotal locales from the single-player campaign mode for the online gaming community to engage in all sorts of gunplay. The best part about these maps is that they're completely free!

Details were shared over on the PlayStation Blog, and the first map, The Hangar, is located on Planet Helghan (which was the backdrop for Killzone 2-3, Shadow Fall and Mercenary). The Hangar is a wide open map containing a hangar bay with plenty of hiding spots despite the large playing field. The other map is The Cruiser (pictured below). This map has a short-to-mid range field which all takes place within a decommissioned Interplanetary Strategic Alliance cruiser. Expect plenty of hallways, tight corners, choke points and other areas where that Lucky Strike shotgun will come in handy.

As of this month, Shadow Fall is the first next generation title to break the one million sales mark. Sure, the Shadow Pack preorder bonus was a great incentive to get an already excellent title. But Guerrilla's extra seasoning helps the Killzone series cement itself next to the FPS genre's best.

Aside from these two free maps, Guerrilla's team is currently working on Killzone: Shadow Fall's first official DLC expansion pack. While they haven't officially given us any dates yet, stay tuned as we keep you updated on Shadow Fall's DLC pack and upcoming multiplayer offerings.