Our favorite Bikini Samurai Squad is back as OneeChanbara heads to PS4.

This video contains content that is NSFW.

The babes have returned to kill more zombies in this debut trailer for OneeChanbara Z2 Chaos. D3 and Tamsoft have released numerous incarnations of OneeChanbara over the past decade, so it's only right that on its 10-year birthday, its ladies are getting a next-gen makeover. That's right, Onee's scantily-clad women will be fighting hordes of zombies in 1080p and 60 fps, which is a godsend considering the series has had such a visual affinity for flesh and blood. Hopefully, OneeChanbara will get some much-needed gameplay changes as well.

OneeChanbara Z2 Chaos will launch in Japan on Oct. 30 for PlayStation 4. Unfortunately, there has been no word as to whether or not we will get this boobtastic zombie-slayer for a western release.