If you've been itching to break out your virtual skateboard, Curve Digital is giving you that opportunity in March when OlliOlli will be heading to Xbox One, 3DS and Wii U.

OlliOlli, which originally debuted last year for PlayStation Vita, has been slowly adding console and handhelds alike to its roster of consoles and now it's going to be conquering Xbox One, Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. Get ready to kickflip, grind, skitch and heel flip your way through this game just as its developers supposedly do throughout the day. Curve Digital has announced that it will make OlliOlli fans wait no longer -- these new versions will be skating onto your consoles and handhelds in mid-March. The game plan is to have these three different versions land on the same week, just days apart from each other and Roll7 is super stoked about it.

"We’re really glad that Xbox and Nintendo players finally have a version of OlliOlli to call their own. We’ve always seen OlliOlli as a game for everyone and with Curve’s versions, now it totally can be," Roll7's Simon Bennett stated.

We honestly can't wait to try OlliOlli on the 3DS.