Roll7 is working with the Devolver Digital label on their latest title since OlliOlli, a shooter called Not A Hero.

Not A Hero is a  2¼D shooter that employs retro, minimalist graphics in order for players to get their John Woo on in some run-and-gun action. However, a large focus is on sliding behind cover and peeking out for the perfect shot.

You play as a guy who has to cleanse five urban districts of crime and must recruit more crime-fighters by getting into some amazing, balls-to-the-wall shootouts using retro-style graphics that have the capability to evolve. Not A Hero is powered by ISO-Slant, a new technology that lightly pushes the 2D dimension while not going fully into 3D.

John Ribbins, Roll7's creative director said, “The Roll7 team was less than enthused about partnering with a publisher of questionable morals and hygiene but through a series of legal maneuvers and old fashioned black magic here we are – stuck with Devolver Digital."

Not A Hero will be available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 later this fall.