Game developer Suda51 definitely has an eccentric personality, and he's had no problems sharing his feelings about the cloud-based capabilities of Sony's PlayStation 4.

Writing about the PS4 in his Famitsu column (translated by Edge), Suda51 talked about how excited he was for the new console just after its reveal. The PS3 has been on sale for seven years but it’s still very much alive and doesn’t feel old at all. The life cycle for hardware has gotten longer, I keep thinking. But saying that, I’m thrilled that we can welcome the PS4 at the end of this year," he said.

“I think that in the future, cloud delivery will become totally commonplace,” Suda51 continued. “Social networking has certainly done that. To be able to play anywhere, on any device, with shared data – this will be an alluring new feature for games. You’ll have your own personal profile or ID that you can access from many different devices and enjoy your game from anywhere, in various different ways."

It would appear Suda51 is more than pleased with the way the next generation of gaming is shaping up. Just in case it wasn't obvious, Suda51 continued explaining, albeit with a bit too much information. "Thinking about the future of this stuff and then constructing and outputting something appealing is our job as game designers, and from that challenge we can take new strength," Suda51 added. “And that makes me horny.”

Well ... there you have it. I don't think there's much else to say.