Oculus VR has announced it is hosting its first ever developer conference and has recently acquired RakNet.

The Oculus Rift virtual reality headset is getting its own developer conference this fall. This conference seeks to bring together some of the most briliant game designers and tech gurus from all over the world to try and further Oculus' impressive VR headset. Speaking at the event will be Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe, founder Palmer Luckey, CTO John Carmack and chief scientist Miachel Abrash. The chief staff of Oculus will also be on the Connect conference's showroom floor to talk about its upcoming headset.

Oculus has also announced it recently acquired RakNet, which is one of the leading middleware networking systems the gaming industry has to offer.

The Oculus Connect conference is going to be held at the Lowes Hotel in Los Angeles, CA from Sept. 19-20. Attendee applications are available on the Oculus Connect website starting on July 10.

oculus connect
Oculus VR

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