Nintendo has announced the latest member of its handheld family: the Nintendo 2DS.

Yes, you read that correctly. The Nintendo 2DS will basically be a 3D-free version of the 3DS. It'll play all 3DS games, as well as all of the games in the DS library, in beautiful 2D. It also comes with all of the features and functions of a regular 3DS, such as WiFi, a camera, the eShop and apps.

The biggest difference is in its form factor, which opts for a wedge-like design rather than a clam-shell. You'll be able to protect these little guys with a carrying case that will be available in matching colors for $12.99.

The 2DS will be available in red and blue models on Oct. 12, which is coincidentally when Pokemon X and Y will be released. It seems to be marketed towards the younger set of Nintendo lovers, but adults will likely love the lower price point of $129.99.

Watch the video of the 2DS above and let us know your thoughts on this new machine. Take a closer look at it on its official page.